GC Rieber continuously work to make improvements on the areas of environmental work, anti-corruption, and CSR.

To support this work the group has developed common guidelines for ethics and CSR. The guidelines cover general principles for commercial practice and personal conduct and are intended to form a foundation for the attitudes and key views we wish to be infused throughout GC Rieber’s corporate culture. 

Furthermore GC Rieber became participant of the UN Global Compact initiative in 2010. This is currently the world’s largest initiative for industrial corporate social responsibility with more than 5,000 businesses in 130 different countries. 
The UN’s Global Compact has drawn up ten universal principles that encourage and demonstrate how businesses should take into account labour rights, human rights, protection of the environment and anti-corruption. 
By joining the initiative, GC Rieber is obliged to integrate the ten principles in its business strategy, promote the principles to partners  and report on activities and improvements related to the ten principles.
Read more about the UN Global Compact here: www.unglobalcompact.org
For more details of GC Rieber's work with CSR, please look at our Annual Reports.