Photographer Tom Jarane

Working at GC Rieber

GC Rieber is engaged in a variety of business activities in the areas of industry, shipping and property. We therefore have a diverse and highly competent workforce, covering a range of specialities and with different educational backgrounds and work experience. 
This diversity is held together by our common value base and brand. 


When recruiting new staff we look for people with the knowledge and experience that will help us grow. It is also important to us that our staff are able to identify with our core values: creativity, diligence and responsibility.


The company shall be organised in a way that makes it attractive to both existing and new employees. The company’s human resources, just like its financial resources, shall be built up and strengthened. 

Employee benefits

We offer good pension and insurance schemes to our staff. We also provide a range of other benefits such as holiday homes, sports clubs and an occupational health service.

Skills developement

GC Rieber aims to create a good, interesting and stimulating working environment. Allowing every employee to develop their skills is a key priority for us. It is important and necessary in order for the company to fulfil its promise to create value. 

We believe that robust investment in skills development is crucial to our long-term success, and we allocate significant funds to that end every year. Our aim is for this investment to help develop each and every employee and the company as a whole.

Good knowledge communities with talented staff make us attractive to qualified candidates, creating a positive effect to the benefit of both company and employee.