Polar Queen subsea vessel
Polar Queen subsea vessel
Polar Queen subsea vessel
Polar Queen subsea vessel

Polar Queen


Tier 1 client


September 2019

The Polar Queen is a multipurpose subsea vessel, and the sister vessel to Polar King. The vessel is specially designed for operation under severe weather conditions, and has high manoeuvrability and station keeping capabilities. It can provide services including offshore construction (CSV), inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) operations.

Polar Queen was built at Freire Shipyard in Spain, and was delivered in October 2011. It is fitted with a 150 ton offshore AHC crane, accommodation for 119 persons and 960 sqm deck space. Environmental features have been emphasised in the design through class notation Clean Design, and the vessel is built in accordance With the IMO SPS 2008 rules.

Polar Queen is mobilized for walk-to-work (W2W) projects and is a suitable vessel for offshore wind projects. The vessel is equipped with an Uptime 23.5 AMC motion compensated gangway, cargo elevator and boat landing to serve crew transfer vessels (CTVs). Temorary living quarters (TLQs) can be installed which increases the accomodation capacity to 136 persons.  



Year built2011
YardFreire Shipyard, Spain
DesignST-254 LCD
Ice ClassICE-C
Accommodation (pers.) 119 (136)


Main Crane150 mt
HelideckSikorsky S-92

Main dimensions

LOA110.6 m
Beam20 m
Draft7.3 m
Deck Area960 m2
Deadweight4100 mt