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Green Operations in GC Rieber Shipping

The purpose of Green Operations is to limit the environmental foot print from the vessel's operations. We work actively to reduce harmful releases to the environment, and one way of doing this is to reduce fuel consumption on board our vessels. We have defined a set of criterias for Green Operations, and the operations are being recorded through the vessel's activity log. Our target for 2018 was that 10 % of all transits and DP operations should be Green Operations. 

What is a green operation?

A green operation could be either «Green transit» or «Green DP operation».

A «Green transit» means that fuel efficiency measures taken during transit reduce vessel’s fuel consumption by 1m3/24h compared to normal service speed.

A «Green DP operation» means that fuel efficiency measures taken during DP operation reduce vessel’s fuel consumption by 0,5m3/24h.


Fuel efficiency measures

The various fuel efficiency measures are defined in the Ship’s Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP). Examples here are:

  • Main and auxiliary engine optimization
  • Electrical energy optimization
  • Speed optimization
  • Trim and ballast optimization
  • Hull resistance optimization (hull cleaning, propeller polishing and renewal antifouling)
  • Voyage planning / weather routing