Investor Relations

GC Rieber Shipping aims to maintain an open dialogue with the capital market. Regular information will be published through the annual report, quarterly reports and presentations. All stock price sensitive information is distributed without delay and simultaneously to the capital market (through the NASDAQ OMX InPublic | Release Publishing application), the media and on the company website.

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GC Rieber Shipping will keep Oslo Børs, GC Rieber Shipping's shareholders and the market in general continuously informed about the company's development, activities and special events, ensuring that as far as possible the pricing of the company's shares reflects the underlying values and expectations of future profits.

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Hovedkontor Beddingen i Solheimsviken


This section provides an overview of historical financial results for GC Rieber Shipping.

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Naming Polar Duke




Q1 Q1 2019 Presentation (pdf)
Q4 Q4 2018 Presentation (pdf)
Q3 Q3 2018 Presentation (pdf)
Q2 Q2 2018 Presentation (pdf)
Q1 Q1 2018 Presentation (pdf)
Second half-year Second half-year 2017 Presentation (pdf)
First half-year  First half-year 2017 Presentation (pdf)
Q4 Q4 2016 Presentation (pdf)
Q3 Q3 2016 Presentation (pdf)
Q2 Q2 2016 Presentation (pdf)
Q1 Q1 2016 Presentation (pdf)
Q4  Q4 2015 Presentation (pdf)
Q3  Q3 2015 Presentation (pdf) 
Q2  Q2 2015 Presentation (pdf)
Q1  Q1 2015 Presentation (pdf)
Q4  Q4 2014 Presentation (pdf)
Q3  Q3 2014 Presentation (pdf)
Q2  Q2 2014 Presentation (pdf)
Q1  Q1 2014 Presentation (pdf)
Q4  Q4 2013 Presentation (pdf) 
Q3  Q3 2013 Presentation (pdf)
Q2  Q2 2013 Presentation (pdf)
Q1  Q1 2013 Presentation (pdf) 
Q4  Q4 2012 Presentation (pdf)
Q3  Q3 2012 Presentation (pdf)
Q2  Q2 2012 Presentation (pdf)
Q1  Q1 2012 Presentation (pdf)
Q4  Q4 2011 Presentation (pdf)
Q3  Q3 2011 Presentation (pdf)
Q2  Q2 2011 Presentation (pdf)
Q1  Q1 2011 Presentation (pdf)
Q4 Q4 2010 Presentation (pdf)
Q3 Q3 2010 Presentation (pdf)
Q2 Q2 2010 Presentation (pdf)
Q1 Q1 2010 Presentation (pdf) 


Other presentations   

 01.09.2011  Pareto's Oil & Offshore Conference 2011
 02.09.2010  Pareto's Oil & Offshore Conference 2010
 02.09.2009  Pareto's Oil & Offshore Conference 2009
 20.08.2009  Presentation "Hordaland på børs" seminar


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Polar King wind farm job


The financial calendar for GC Rieber Shipping ASA for 2019 is as follows:

15.02.2019 - Quarterly Report Q4 2018

14.03.2019 - Annual Report 2018
11.04.2019 - Annual General Meeting 

14.05.2019 - Quarterly Report Q1 2019
22.08.2019 - 
Half-yearly Report 2019
06.11.2019 - Quarterly Report Q3 2019


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