Dividend Policy

GC Rieber Shipping seeks to maintain financial strength and liquidity at a level that is appropriate to its goals, strategy and risk profile

The company's objective is to provide shareholders with a stable and competitive return on their invested capital through dividends and share price appreciation. In assessing the dividend proposals, the Board of Directors will review the company's dividend capacity, capital structure, investment programme and financial capacity for further growth.

Following the financial restructuring of the Group in March 2018, no dividend payments or other distributions from the Group may be made without the prior consent of the lenders. However, the Group’s lenders have consented to the following: 24% of potential dividends from the shares of Shearwater GeoServices Holding AS or 24% of potential proceeds from the sale of such shares in whole or in part, may be redistributed to the shareholders of the Group by way of dividends, a share capital reduction or any other manner deemed appropriate by the Group.