Share information

GC Rieber Shipping will keep Oslo Børs, GC Rieber Shipping's shareholders and the market in general continuously informed about the company's development, activities and special events, ensuring that as far as possible the pricing of the company's shares reflects the underlying values and expectations of future profits. Such information will, among other things, take the form of annual reports, quarterly reports, stock exchange bulletins, press releases and investor presentations when appropriate.

Facts about the GC Rieber Shipping share:

GC Rieber Shipping is listed on Oslo Børs with the ticker RISH.

Organisation number:
987 974 532  

Head Office address:
Solheimsgaten 15 
PO Box 1114, Sentrum 


Primary Insiders

The Company is listed on Oslo Børs and have an obligation to keep their list of primary insiders up-to-date.

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General Meetings

Annual general meetings are normally held in March/April at the company’s head office in Bergen, Norway. GC Rieber Shipping aims to observe the notice period set out in the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act, i.e. 21 days’ notice. To vote at the general meeting, a shareholder must attend or give power of attorney to someone who is attending.

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Dividend Policy

GC Rieber Shipping seeks to maintain financial strength and liquidity at a level that is appropriate to its goals, strategy and risk profile

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If you have any questions regarding your holding of GC Rieber Shipping shares, please contact our registrar, Nordea Bank Norge ASA. 

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