Ship model

Asset & Project Development

Our Project Team is dedicated to develop and deliver new vessels with state of the art functionality and high level performance for the fleet.
On continuos basis the team is evaluating possibilities in various prospects within our core areas. Prospects are carefully considered in terms of parameter studies of ship technical performance and robustness towards operation.

Our in-house project team receives operational feedback from the close cooperation with the technical operational team, a synergy that supports enhancement and improvements of future projects.
When a prospect is decided to be developed to a new build project, the project team is responsible for establishment of a project organisation that will handle the new build contract and secure the development of the ship. This includes

  • Project Management
  • Plan approval process
  • Main equipment approval
  • Quality team/ Site team establishment
  • Trial and test
  • Delivery and hand over to operation

Throughout the project research and development, our project team gains high technical knowledge of the vessel technical properties and equipment. This knowledge is on a regular basis used as support to the operation for technical queries, and towards existing and future clients in support of the technical clarifications and possibilities of further upgrades and modification.