Captain on board


We deliver highly qualified, competent and motivated crew to our vessels. Training and developing of crew, is the center of our attention. "Leading for Excellence" is our way of establishing a systematic approach to behaviour, leadership and performance. By this program we are setting the standards and expectations, and we are providing the tools and comptence requiredto reach «excellence».

We invest considerable time and effort in recruiting well-qualified crew.
The recruiting process is crucial and is constantly being monitored to ensure that we deliver highly qualified, competent and motivated crew to our vessels.
All our seafares are employed through OSM manning agency.
The crew onboard the vessels are our most important assets.
Everyone has equal opportunities to make a career and reach the highest level onboard.
Our vessels are operating world-wide with critical operations, within the seismic, subsea and ice segments.

Our leaders are loyal and focused on GC Riebers 3 leading principles:

  • Result oriented
  • Inclusive
  • Clear

We have a strong QHSE philosophy on all levels, and we depend upon our leaders to act as good role models. This is very essential for us, the industry as well as for our clients.

Flexibility is of great importance both on- and offshore, to mitigate our client needs and requirements.

Our goal is to achieve safe and successful operations together with our clients.