Safety equipment


We consider HSE protection to be a vital part of our operation. It is the Management’s intention to have continuous focus on HSE Protection.

QHSE Policy

We shall continue to improve our operation and have these objectives as the basis for our company existence:

  • To have zero personal injuries and accidents.
  • To have zero incidents
  • To have zero personnel illness due to working stress.
  • To have zero oil spills.
  • Minimise pollution and general negative implication to the environment done by our activities.
  • To protect the highly vulnerable environment in Antarctica and Arctic.
  • To deliver the highest quality but not at the sacrifice of health, safety of personnel or of the environment.

To meet these objectives, the Management give following operational priority:

  1. Health, Safety and Personnel
  2. Environment
  3. Property
  4. Quality, Performance and Efficiency

Environment Policy


GC Rieber Shipping AS owns and operates specialized vessels worldwide within the segments subsea, ice/support and marine seismic. The company is committed to ensure that all activities shall be performed with minimum impact upon the environment and in accordance with ISO 14001 standard.
GC Rieber Shipping AS shall comply with all mandatory rules and regulations in force and ensure that environmental management is given thoroughly consideration during operational planning and undertaking.

Environmental objectives

Keep emissions to air to a minimum and zero spill of harmful substances to sea by always complying with legislative requirements and take into account recognized industrial standards.
Reduce pollution by seeking environmental friendly alternatives for selected consumables used onboard owned vessels.

Minimize the environmental impact of garbage by maximizing recycling whenever possible and reducing the volume of garbage.

The Company shall communicate environmental aims and objectives to employees through regular information meetings, to subcontractors through contract agreements and to stakeholders through the annual financial report.

The commitment includes focusing on continual improvements and to make annual objectives that should be evaluated each quarter. Deficiencies will be addressed where those are identified.


All employees within GC Rieber Shipping AS, shall take all necessary actions to protect the environment according to this policy, and to the company’s environmental procedures.

The company shall train their employees in environmental matters, by coursing and encourage to participation in forum where environmental issues are on the agenda.

The CEO is responsible to provide adequate financial and human resources to ensure effective implementation of this policy.

GC Rieber Shipping has been credited the following certifications from DNV:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

GC Rieber Shipping is a member of IMCA.