Technical Management

Our Superintendents priority is to deliver fully operational and well maintained vessels with a minimum of downtime.

This is achieved by a high quality maintenance plan for the vessel hull and equipment to avoid unplanned maintenance and performance of effective maintenance stop/dry docking of the vessel.
Spare parts evaluation and control is part of the maintenance plan. Necessary tools for condition monitoring and maintenance are kept onboard and maintained.

Minimum Downtime
Unforeseen breakdown or need for maintenance during operations can always happen. To manage these situations and reduce the vessel downtime to a minimum, the company has highly qualified crew. They are supported by a staff ashore for technical assistance and a purchasing department with long experience in worldwide supply of spare parts.

Maintenance plan
The company use a combined system for maintenance, with focus on the Reliability Centred Maintenance philosophy. This gives that the maintenance plan for each component are evaluated according to rules and regulations, the function criticality, redundancy in place, makers recommended maintenance routines, possible condition monitoring, and the company own experience.

If the vessel is planned for operations in remote areas for longer periods, the minimum stock for consumables and planned maintenance will be evaluated and the onboard stock will be increased.

The maintenance plan for the vessel’s hull and equipment are implemented in the computer based maintenance system AMOS.

The company has experience with different class society and flag states.

New rules and regulations from IMO and Flagg states are assessed and a task list for each vessel is implemented in QHSE system for follow up to make sure all vessels will comply with new regulations in due time before they enter into force.