GC Rieber Shipping

GC Rieber Shipping’s offshore/shipping business includes ownership in specialized vessels, high quality marine ship management and project development within the subsea, marine seismic and ice/support segments. The group has a unique competence in harsh environment offshore operations as well as in the design, development and maritime operation of seismic vessels. Through strategic value chain investments, the group has built up substantial knowledge and experience within subsea and marine seismic operations.

Annual report 2013
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Webcast Q3 2014  
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GC Rieber Shipping has been involved in offshore exploration with dynamically positioned subsea support vessels since the early 1980s and has developed a niche competence in harsh environment operations. 


Marine Seismic

GC Rieber Shipping has owned and operated seismic vessels since the late 1960s and has extensive experience from operations around the globe, including in the Canadian High Arctic and Antarctica.

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Ice / Support

GC Rieber Shipping is one of very few companies specialising in the Arctic and Antarctic shipping business, offering independent and competitive services for scientific expeditions and logistics in these demanding regions.